Posters of II PAS ERCE working group/Posters of KES UL working group Projects in Tresta

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Inne postery:

  1. Modern Genetic And Biochemical Methods In Monitoring Of Hepatotoxic Cyanobacteria
  2. Ecohydrology - Transdysciplinary Science For Sustainable Water Environment And Society
  3. Ekohydrologia – Transdyscyplinarna Nauka
  4. Application Of Ecohydrology For Restoration Of Urban Stream Absorbing Capacity
  5. Application Of Denitrification Wall For Preventing Ground Water Pollution In Argriculture Area
  6. Application Of “Denitrification Wall” For Preventing Of Ground Water Pollution In Rural Area
  7. Nitrogen Removal From Ground Water Experiment With Denitrification Wall
  8. Nucleic Acids As Indicators Of The Dynamics Of Ecohydrological Processes
  9. PCB Congeners And Bsafs In Pikeperch From The Sulejowski Reservoir In Poland
  10. Sources and distribution of polychlorinated dibenzo-para-dioxins and dibenzo-para-furans in sediments of urban cascade reservoirs, Central Poland
  11. The toxicity analyses of sediments and soil as a first step during remediation of degraded river’s valleys – a case study on the Pilica, Bzura, Ner and Utrata Rivers
  12. Detection of toxigenic strains of cyanobacteria in hypertrophic lakes of Wielkopolska region
  13. Hydrology as key driver of freshwater ecosystem dynamics and appearance of eutrophication symptoms