Grupy robocze w Łodzi

  • WG 1. Analysis of the hydrological cycle;
  • WG 2. GIS and topographic documentation and analysis;
  • WG 3. Development of scenarios of Global Climate Change;
  • WG 4. Inactivation of pollutants in the river valley by vegetation (Ner River);
  • WG 5. Phytoremediation, sewage sludge utilization and biomass/bioenergy for energetic needs of the City (Ner River);
  • WG 6. Phytosociological maps of the river valley for estimation of biodiversity and optimization of water/nutrient retentiveness (Sokolowka River);
  • WG 7. Use of ecohydrology concept and phytotechnology for elimination of cyanobacterial blooms appearance in municipal river and lake systems (Sokolowka River);
  • WG 8. Quantification of the effect of green areas of the City of Lodz on epidemiology and frequency of incidences of allergy and asthma.
  • WG 9. Restoration management project and development of flexible adaptation strategies for the management of urban catchments in the City of Lodz;